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Preparation & Submission of Planning Applications

Whatever the size of your development project submitting a planning application can often prove to be complicated and expensive, whether it is a modest extension to your home, applying the Change the Use of a small unit or applying for a small residential development or a new housing estate. Our guidance will explain the benefits of choosing apT and how apT Development Specialists can help you.

apT’s team of Planning Specialists combine commercial expertise with a wealth of experience gained from working within Local Authority’s, delivering regulatory services. Cumulatively, this experience encompasses a broad breadth of knowledge across a series of specialisms, including Planners, Highway Engineers, Ecologists and Conservation Officers, and as a result of this, we really are in a fantastic position to assist in the preparation and submission of your planning application and offer a full service to meet your requirements across all of these specialisms – therefore you can be confident that if your development is subject to significant ecological constraints or within a particularly sensitive and historical setting, such as a Conservation Area, or setting of a Listed Building our in-house specialists can advise and prepare regulatory quality reports to accompany your submission. Our innovative and creative solutions combine regulatory peace of mind with commercial flare and imagination.

With extensive regulatory experience of handling planning applications alongside the associated specialisms, we really know what is required in the preparation of planning applications and we are able to offer professional advice regarding the likelihood of your planning application being granted planning permission – whether this be via an initial appraisal of the application site, through pre-application discussions or the application process itself. We pride ourselves on being a solution-focussed Consultancy, with the ambition of removing obstacles which may prevent a schemes progressing.

As you might expect from a team with a Public Sector background, we specialise in all types of planning applications, regardless of scale and nature and can guide you through all stages of the planning process, whatever the size of your development with our planning specialists able to Prepare and Submit Planning Applications for submission to Local Planning Authorities when acting on behalf of Applicants across the region.

Section 106 Agreement Negotiations

Planning Contributions, more commonly known as s.106 Monies are a common and complex aspect of many planning applications, most frequently required as part of Major Planning Applications, and may include financial contributions towards facilities including Education, Public Open Space, Highway Improvement Works alongside the provision of Affordable Housing (typically a percentage of the total number of dwellings). apT is ideally positioned to enter into a S106 dialogue with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf, where viability issues exist and where it is considered that there is a case to be made.

Our priority is to provide timely, cost effective, reliable support helping to keep your project on track.

In order to discuss the preparation and submission of your proposed development or any of our development specialisms with one of the team please contact us via or 01952 384555.


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Added: 07/08/2020


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