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Design and Access Statements

If you are looking to apply for Planning Permission for a Major Development, Listed Building Consents, World Heritage Sites, or small scale development in Conservation Areas, you will be required to submit a Design and Access Statement to accompany your planning submission. As a Consultancy with Public Sector ‘know how’ and handling Design and Access Statements for all scales and types of planning applications on a daily basis, apT is ideally positioned to prepare a Design and Access Statement on your behalf.

Let apT prepare a Design and Access Statement on your behalf – to support your planning application. Design and Access Statements should only be a relatively short document, explaining the basic principles regarding the development, affording the opportunity to explain the design merits and how proposals have been developed and appropriateness within its locality and wider area, alongside compliance with Planning Policy. The document also affords an opportunity to explain to the Local Planning Authority any benefits that the development may bring, including provision of much needed Affordable Housing, or bringing a derelict Listed Building back into use.

Planning Officers within apT review Design and Access Statements on a daily basis, covering all differing types of development proposals and therefore know exactly what is needed to justify your scheme and how to present this information in the best possible format, and referencing current planning legislation and policies.

There are a series of criteria that a Design and Access Statement must make reference to, including:

  • Amount/Scale
  • Layout
  • Landscaping
  • Appearance
  • Access

apT Planners are able to prepare a Design and Access Statement on your behalf, ensuring that the level of detail, using each of the criteria outlined above, is appropriate and proportional to your application type, ensuring a robust and compelling case is made to the Local Planning Authority.

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Added: 26/10/2020


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