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Planning Appraisals of Possible Development Sites

If you are looking to apply for Planning Permission in the near future, however do not want to go to the unnecessary expense of the preparation of costly plans and technical reports, and are unsure as to what may be an acceptable Use on the site, including scale, layout and design and what site constraints may apply, you may wish to engage the services of apT - a Consultancy with Public Sector ‘know how’ who are ideally positioned to undertake a Development Site Planning Appraisal on your behalf.

Let apT prepare a Development Site Planning Appraisal on your behalf in order to establish the planning potential of the development site including a review of technical aspects, including, albeit not limited to highway, arboricultural, ecology, landscaping and crucially a robust analysis and interrogation of complex and ever-changing National and Local Planning Policy.

apT can create a bespoke Development Site Planning Appraisal to suit your own sites specific requirements and with our Public Sector ‘know how’ bring Local Authority practical experience to assist in the preparation of development proposals through a review and analysis of relevant planning policies alongside planning history and technical site constraints.

For more information please contact our team at or call us on 01952 384555.

Category: Planning

Added: 28/10/2020


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