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Development Briefs

If you are looking to buy or sell land and need up to date planning information, find out more about our new service - Development Briefs define the opportunities for development for both sellers and purchasers of land or property across Telford. Read how our Development briefs can provide you with an invaluable overview for potential development.

Development briefs are now available from apT – Proven to be extremely useful to both sellers and purchasers of land or property, these briefs provide an accurate overview of development constraints and permissions for a specific site.

Created for land and property development ranging from single properties and plots to large scale residential or commercial development, these briefs help to enhance the purchase and planning process by supporting the value of an area and defining opportunities for investors and purchasers.  

A development brief will not provide you with a formal planning decision but it will indicate what may or may not be an acceptable type of development for a specific site.

A development brief will contain the following information:

  • Site information – Including any designations the site may have.
  • Permitted changes – Outlining any uses on the site that may not require planning permission.
  • Relevant history – A list of applications specifically relating to the site.
  • Parameters for development – Details for potential uses or development that may or may not be acceptable.

With fees for development briefs for single dwelling properties starting at £100 + vat, your brief will be with you within 10 working days. We also offer an enhanced service. For larger scale properties our team will be able to provide fee details.



Jack Beaumont BSc (Hons) MRICS, Senior Surveyor

Brilliant, professional service by apT, providing succinct site specific planning policy summary and commentary around development potential to aid marketing activities.”

Prosperity & Investment

Telford & Wrekin Council


Catherine Hawksworth - Senior Surveyor

“apT Planning service have provided a Planning Guidance note, detailing site planning history and parameters for its’ future development. This valuable planning policy summary has helped to guide both the site sellers and potential purchasers during the marketing process.”

Prosperity & Investment

Telford & Wrekin Council


If you require further information and guidance please don’t hesitate to contact our expert Team of Planning Specialists on 01952 384555. Our Development Briefs can be requested by contacting .


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Added: 18/05/2021


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