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Dry Fix Roofing

Are you looking to get work done to your roof? Find out below about Dry roof fixing and what’s involved. apT’s Building Control Team are available to help you with this.

Dry-fix roofing or mechanical fixing, as it is often referred to, is the process by which the roof perimeter is secured or ‘fixed’ at the ridge, hip, and verge without the use of mortar.

As the roof is the most exposed part of the building, the use of mortar to secure such areas will of course lead to future maintenance. Not only can differential movement cause the mortar to crack, weather conditions can then aggravate the problem by exploiting any hairline cracks.

A dry fix roof system does not use mortar to bond the materials but uses screws which attach clamps which are positioned between the joints of every ridge tile and this in turn clamps them to the roof. Underneath the screws are waterproof unions and their job is to catch any small amounts of rainfall and disperse it sideways and back onto the roof. Using this system of fixing the ridges, hips and verges without mortar means the roof becomes safer and more secure, and offers better resistance to wind uplift and water ingress.

Due to the popularity of this system, in January 2018 BS 8612:2018 Dry fixed ridge, hip, and verge systems for slating and tiling was issued. This addresses the varying quality of systems available on the market and ensures that that all dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems meet agreed standards.

Focussing on the mechanical resistance of the dry ridge, hip or verge products, new tests have been introduced to determine the mechanical resistance to wind load .The data from the tests can help determine the suitability of the product for any given project depending on the design wind exposure of the site and building giving users the opportunity to make sure they can select products that are fit for purpose for the design requirements of their roofing project.

Identifying that there are particular issues with rendered walls this standard introduces a new test that evaluates the ability of dry verge products to shed water off the verge without staining the gable wall.

Our experienced Building Control Team are available to provide advice to any person looking to carry out any dry-fix roofing, for further guidance please contact the apT Building Control Team on 01952 384555 or by emailing

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Added: 05/10/2018


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