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The Power Of The UPRN

Working to improve the delivery of Council, Emergency and delivery services to our residents and businesses did you know that apT services deliver council and nationwide information services through their effective management of address data? As the statutory creators of local address information, apT facilitate the exchange of address information within the council and to national statutory bodies which improves front-line service delivery and customer experience within Telford & Wrekin Borough.

The initials UPRN are becoming used more frequently in the work environment and not many people know what the initial stand for. UPRN stands for Unique Property Reference Number. The UPRN defines the exact location within the United Kingdom of an address or point of interest and can track the complete lifecycle of a property from Planning permission to building plots, occupation to conversion or demolition.

A UPRN is the key within Telford & Wrekin’s corporate property database, a central resource that provides the linking mechanism between council databases and to external agencies such as Emergency Services, Ordnance Survey, Valuation Office, Land Registry, Royal Mail and Utility Companies. apT maintain this business critical property system via the information provided by the Street Naming and Numbering process. Our property database is integrated within the Planning and Building Control system to aid quick and easy validation of applications.

Changes to our property database are sent daily to the National Address Gazetteer, held at GeoPlace. This address data is the platform from which Ordnance Survey AddressBase® range of products are developed and made widely available. The continual addition of new UPRN’s, and associated addresses ensure new housing developments are fed through to Ordnance Survey so real world changes appear quickly on OS mapping products. The National Address Gazetteer will also be used as the address register for the Census 2021.

Having a geographic location and address help Emergency Services find a location, delivery services deliver that last minute birthday present and utility companies connect services to your brand new home

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Added: 19/11/2018


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